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News | Rapper Blac Youngsta jumped from Gotti’s record label CMG, where is he now? To know details

Tennessee rapper Blac Youngsta is said to have been dropped from Yo Gotti’s label CMG (Collective Music Group). Let’s find out the truth behind the punch.

Blac Youngsta urf Sammie Marquez Benson is a popular American rapper from Tennessee. He is signed to CMG and Epic Records and has released numerous songs.

Youngsta grew up in poverty with his grandparents. Before starting his singing career, he worked in a local shop and even sold drugs for which he was imprisoned for a year.

Blac took his music career seriously after he was released from prison in 2012. That same year he released his very first mixtape, entitled Fast stones.

By 2014 Youngsta had displaced 3 mixtapes. However, 2015 brought him luck and his song, Heavy was the breakthrough in his entire career.

Blac was then signed by CMG and Epic Records, respectively. With the labels he has mix tapes and songs like Young daring, Red alert, and the F * ck everyone Series.

Record: Blac Youngsta quit CMG – is he still under contract with Yo Gotti’s label or is he leaving?

There were rumors that Blac Youngsta was dropped by Yo Gotti’s label, CMG, and Epic Records.

In 2015 he signed a contract with the record company. He was then signed to Epic Records in 2017.

Blac also ran his own legal notice called Heavy Camp under CMG. But right now he’s in hot water and suspected of being dropped from the labels.

Neither CMG nor Epic have officially admitted the rumors. However, Youngsta has removed all of his previous posts from Instagram and started releasing his music from the YouTube channel.

Why was Blac Youngsta dropped?

According to HipHopLately, Blac Youngsta has been acting strangely since the death of his rival rapper Young Dolph.

He was even suspected of murdering Dolph. He was also arrested earlier for shooting the late rapper’s car, although charges were later dropped.

After Dolph’s death and funeral, Blac posted a photo of him outside the rapper’s headstone. He also performed the diss of the late artist Shake Sum.

Netizens then began to criticize him for disrespecting his late fellow artist. Currently, Blac’s actions are suspected to be the cause, although it is not entirely clear.

Blac Youngsta age: how old is he?

Blac Youngsta is 31 years old because he was born on April 8, 1990.

He is from Memphis, Tennessee and is an American citizen. Likewise, he is of black ethnicity and is likely to be Christian.

Youngsta’s parents were absent, which is why he was raised by his grandparents. Besides them, he has loving and supportive brothers.

Meet Blac Youngsta on Instagram

Blac Youngsta appears on Instagram as @blacyoungsta.

He has a verified account with over 4.2 million followers. According to his biography he is still connected to Heavy Camp and can be booked.

In addition, Youngsta has a YouTube channel with over 810,000 subscribers. Currently his song is I assume is # 2 in the trend and he’s overwhelmed by the response from his fans.

Updated: December 28, 2021 — 4:39 pm

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