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Jared Fogle was the former subway restaurant representative. It has long been the catchy name of Subway advertising lobbies.

Fogle appeared in Subway’s publishing efforts after attributing tremendous weight loss to eating Subway sandwiches in 2000.

Jared gained tremendous popularity as part of the Subway advertising organization; he has been featured in more than 300 ads near various media appearances.


Jared Scott Fogle

23rd August 1977

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

alma mater Indiana University Bloomington
job Speaker, actor
active years 1999-2015

A few years earlier, Jared Fogle had been circulating on the Internet about cases of regularly visiting a subway cafe because his diet had helped him lose weight.

Jared Fogle is currently in prison at the Federal Correctional Institution in Englewood. He is still dealing with the consequences of his violations.

Fogle is no longer part of the Subway promotion. Crusade. He was charged with 15 years and eight months in prison for sexual entertainment of teenagers in 2015.

During the FBI investigation, Jared Fogle was charged with paying to have sex with minors. Apparently, it was confirmed that he was in possession of child pornography and he was also engaged in trafficking in this content.

Jared Fogle also spoke about sexual abuse and asked Cindy Mills to see to it that he had intercourse with her 16-year-old cousin. Jared Fogle was charged with a $ 175,000 fine, 50,000 resource and 1.4 million indemnity charges to the individuals in question.

The previous representative of the sandwich chain Subway Jared Fogle guaranteed youngster porn by radio presenter Rochelle Herman Walrond.

In 2007, Rochelle Herman Walrond responded to the Sarasota Police Department about the malicious expectation of Jared Fogle.

Jared Fogle made naughty remarks to Rochelle about young women at the center; he met her at a nearby middle school for a wellness event.

Jared, 37, was investigated by state lawmakers in late 2010. It was apparently viewed as a legitimate flaw in children’s erotic entertainment.

Radio host Rochelle Herman made public all reports of Fogle’s remarks and instant messages to the FBI.

During the hour of investigation into Russell Taylor’s youth porn activity, the FBI watched Taylor exchange physically unique photos and footage of children, some of whom were as young as six.

The FBI also monitored instant messages from Fogle and Subway franchisee Cindy Mills in 2008. He was in a sexual relationship with her at the time.

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