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Hairy Biker Women – Who is SI Queen Wife Michele Cranston? Children and family

Michele Cranston is not the wife of Hairy Bikers star SI King, but his ex-fiancé. Please keep reading this article to learn more about the couple’s surprising breakup.

Half of the Hairy Bikers’ Si King has reportedly split up with his Australian fiancée Michele Cranston, according to The Mirror.

Si King, a famous chef on British television, previously announced that the couple were planning to get married this year.

Simon “Si” King and Michele Cranston sparked rumors of a likely romance in 2018 when the two frequently flew worldwide to hang out.

Hairy biker women: who is SI royal wife Michele Cranston? Wikipedia

Michele Cranston, Si King’s ex-fiancee, is not yet listed on the official Wikipedia page. Si King is nevertheless listed on Wikipedia with some information about his personal and professional life.

It was rumored that Si and his ex-fiance were engaged for over three years before quitting. In 2019, 54-year-old Michele Cranston proposed marriage.

He first stated that he proposed marriage to Cranston while on a romantic beach stroll in Northern California.

According to her LinkedIn page, Cranston is a seasoned cook with 25 years of experience.

She started her job as a chef in Sydney. Cranston has experience in various locations and even owns a coffee shop.

Hairy Bikers Children: Your Family Fortune

Si and Michele have never had a child together. Before meeting Michele, Si was previously married to Jane, with whom he had two children.

There is not a lot of information about his children on the Internet.

Additionally, Si has total net worth of $ 4 million, according to He has successfully amassed a large sum of money.

Michele’s net worth is estimated at $ 1 million, according to

Both are very lucky that allows them to live a peaceful and happy life.

Hairy Biker Disease Update

As the Si King hit by Hairy Bikers with Covid, Dave Myers is updating his health. ‘It was a little hard.’ he said.

When the Hairy Bikers star battled his Covid battle earlier this year, he was met with a lot of compassion.

However, on BBC’s Morning Live on Friday, Dave announced that his co-star Si King was infected with the virus.

Dave was optimistic about his mate’s health when he talked about it.

When Gethin showed up by video link alone, he immediately asked Dave why he was interviewing on-screen without his associate.

“Nice to see you again, Dave.” “Can you tell me where the other one is?” Gethin asked further.

“Oh, he’s got Covid,” said Dave, prompting a worried Gethin to respond, “Oh, my goodness!” calls the speaker.

Dave continued, “He’s fine; it was a little hard, as I expect from people with Covid. “

Updated: December 28, 2021 — 7:01 am

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