Four Lives: Who is Stephen Port’s murder victim, Jack Taylor? Budding police officer was killed by a serial rapist

The BBC’s Docuseries Four Lives is based on the murder of 4 people, including an aspiring cop, Jack Taylor, who was killed by serial rapist and murderer, Stephen Port.

Jack Taylor is the murder victim of serial killer and serial rapist Stephen Port. He was killed between August 2014 and September 2015.

Taylor was a cheerful person with a dream of becoming a cop. However, his dreams could not come true because he was killed by an overdose of the rape drug GHB.

Jack’s murder was initially mistaken for a substance abuse case. But later stories were revealed and it turned out that he was the victim of the serial murder.

Taylor’s family blames the Met Police for his death. If they had properly investigated the deaths of 3 previous victims, they would have caught the killer and Jack would have been unharmed.

Perhaps Jacks’ fate was to die prematurely at the hands of a serial killer. However, this case is viewed by the victim’s families as one of the most widespread institutional flaws in recent history.

Who is Stephen Port’s murder victim, Jack Taylor? Wikipedia explored

Jack Taylor was the last murder victim of the British serial killer Stephen Port.

He didn’t catch up on the Wikipedia page. However, his name is mentioned on Stephen Port’s official Wiki page.

Taylor was a regular British citizen who wanted to be a police officer. He worked as a forklift driver and lived with his parents in Dagenham.

Jack was anti-drug and was tested for it every now and then. Until his mysterious death from a drug overdose in 2015, he had no history of substance abuse.

Taylor’s family knew something was wrong. So they started their own investigation and found his killer. The killer was revealed as Stephen Port, with whom Jack was last seen.

Jack Taylor age: how old was he?

Jack Taylor was 25 years old at the time of his brutal murder.

His birthday dates are hidden from the media. He was from Dagenham, East London, and was a British citizen.

Taylor was also a white person who was a forklift operator.

Meet BBC Four Lives Jack Taylor’s family and parents

Jack Taylor is survived by his great family, including his parents and two sisters.

His father Colin spoke to the BBC about his son’s unfortunate death. Likewise, his siblings Donna and Jenny sought justice for their brother.

Jack’s death shocked his family and siblings as he was an anti-drug. They did not believe he had died from an overdose and waited 11 days for a thorough police investigation.

However, the officers did not even examine the case and led the sisters to take matters into their own hands. They found 3 cases that corresponded to the same modus operandi.

Taylor’s siblings also found the CCTV footage of Jack and an unknown man in Barking Station. They then asked the police to identify the unknown man, but the officers paid no attention.

A sergeant later contacted the sisters and helped them circulate the other man’s photos. Two days later the man was identified as Stephen Port and arrested.

Port was charged with the murder of four people and multiple rapes. He was found guilty of all counts and sentenced to life in prison.

Jack Taylor Facebook photos and obituary

Jack Taylor’s death news and photos made the rounds on social platforms like Facebook.

His obituary is not available, but according to Wikipedia, he died in 2015. He was the last victim of serial rapist and serial killer Stephen Port.

Following the ignorance of the police, Taylor’s loving family helped catch and imprison his killer.

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