Shooting food with a smartphoneHow to prepare chocolate fondant?

Super easy and fast. Mix eggs and sugar to whiten. Melt the chocolate and butter together gently, ideally in Bain Marie. Mix the two preparations with the addition of flour. And here it is important to store in the refrigerator at least 1 hour before cooking (ideally, so prepare in advance), or pre-prepare a separate ramekin, or prepare in a pre-cooked bowl when cooked as described after. Therefore, this part can easily be done in advance.

Then cook under your oven for about ten minutes at 200 ° C. The cooking time may vary from one oven to another as each is different and depends on whether you like it very juicy or less. The fondant is boiled when everything is cooked and the center is still slightly shaken under a thin crust.

How to order chocolate fondant?

  • In confectionery circles: If you want to sort a separate fondant on a plate, possibly with accompaniment, and have a liquid heart WOW effect dripping with the first spoon to be able to cast it, you need to bake your fondant. In a baking ring (or maybe in the form of a muffin covered with parchment paper). What to do with the circles? Then place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Cut strips of parchment paper at the height of the circle and the length of the circumference. Butter the inside of the circle with strips of parchment paper in a circle. Place the circle on a baking sheet and garnish with the dough cooled in the refrigerator before baking.
  • In separate forms, Muffin form or ramekini. Brush with butter or silicone beforehand. Pour the preparation into each of the forms and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before cooking.

Which chocolate should we use for chocolate fondant?

Chef Christoph Felder recommends confectionery chocolate strong enough in chocolate, 70% cocoa. If it’s less crowded, try the classic chocolate desserts found in supermarkets, which are often between 52 (like Nestle dessert) and 60% cocoa.

How to order chocolate fondant?

Have fun Fresh seasonal fruitsof Georgia Ice cream Or sorbet, Beige With vanilla (or for example mine Saffron cream), Homemade whipped cream, Lemon mousse. Serve freely Powdered sugar As in the pictures, it does not serve great taste, but it is beautiful.

And why not have fun and tEsther options Puts Fondant in the middle of a frozen heartAs initially, with different flavors: Caramel (See my recipe here for Chocolate Fondant, Heated Caramel Heart)Lemon cream, red fruit background…

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