Do you like sun pie? It has become an excellent classic as an aperitif, decorated with pesto, pesto rosso, tapenad… I also offer step-by-step to make your sunshine successful This recipe for sun pie with pesto rosé and tapenade. There is also a sweet version for kids, decorated with for example hazelnut chocolate spray.

In short, we see on the internet lush recipes for Christmas trees. For this it is better to have rectangular pastry sheets to get a beautiful tree, otherwise it will be a little convex. So, there are two options, either make your own layer cake, or buy it from the store, because there is already a lot to do for Christmas … but then it is not always easy to find a rectangular pasta.

So in the same vein, I suggest these mini Christmas trees. Will it be offered as an individual version? It is enough to cover the puff pastry with pesto or pesto rosso. I add 1/3 of the fresh cheese as the stuffing is not inserted between the two doughs to avoid an overly dry result. So compare one-third fresh cheese and two-thirds pesto that you can substitute for pesto rosé.

Folding, I made you step by step in the photo. Once your dough is covered with the cream cheese and pesto mixtures, cut into strips about 1 cm wide. Then make 3 folds back and forth, you can slightly stretch the strip for slightly smaller sides, or even make small rolls for the ends (a bit similar Layered dough rolls with smoked salmon).

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