I admit, this recipe is slightly inspired by one of the videos that went viral first on a tic tac toe and then a recipe for roasted tomato feta on Instagram (of course with onions, garlic, herbs, and olive oil). The idea is simple but insidiously effective and fun, serving simply as a side dish or accompanied by pasta or rice. Or, and this is verifiable, by mixing them as an aperitif to make a dip.

In short, I am talking here not about tomatoes and feta, but about mushrooms and bursa. Because when I saw this new food trend, I immediately thought that this principle of a simple and fast dish was excellent and that you could die by preparing it like this:

  • To Mushrooms of Paris And shallots (or onions of course). Just salted and pepper, no need to add Provencal herbs as garlic and herbs Boursin are very fragrant.
  • One Bursin Garlic and herbs An integer placed in the center. Once prepared, it will be as soft and ultra beige as you want it to be, much more than actually feta, making it possible to make a super creamy sauce after mixing it with Bursin mushroom.

I recommend you enjoy this dish here With pastaSlightly similar to a vegetarian main course, but it can be served with rice or legumes, or even, for example, as a white meat accompaniment or sauce.

For greed, drag this dish, mix everything, there will be some liquid, but this dip is a killer!

For lovers Mushroom pastaA nicer (and more expensive) version is this Toothpaste and Bacon Pasta Recipe.

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