French toast is truly Proust Madeleine for many. And a wonderful breakfast that we love but do not always think about preparing for others.

Recipes for brioche, leftover bread or even unleavened bread or even sandwich bread are different, there is something for everyone, a scrambled egg and a mixture of milk often garnished with spices like cinnamon or vanilla. I strongly recommend the test for greed This recipe is just with brioche and vanilla ice cream.

Why not use bread that is already very fragrant? Ginger does its job perfectly, to test quickly, it’s quick and easy. You can make this recipe at will Commercial Ginger, otherwise with good homemade gingerbread, I offer my family recipe cooked a hundred times and delicious each time.

Some information about the recipe

  • It’s time for gingerbread to be soaked in the egg milk family Depending on your ginger, more or less stale, more or less soft.
  • For food lovers you can Add a little brown sugar Egg-milk mixture. It will help a little more caramelization, my daughters love it, but I do not bet because ginger is already quite rich I think.
  • You can do a Lactose-free versions Replace milk with a herbal drink.
  • I will tell you The ratio of 40 cl of milk to 2 eggs. Use this ratio to increase or decrease the number, it depends either on the size of your slices to be soaked in the preparation, or on the amount of French toast you want to cook.
  • The photos show a French toast Serve with caramelized pears. I melted the butter, added muscovado or coconut sugar, I do not know which one I used. Brown sugar also works well. Then I add my pear slices and cook slowly.

And for the curious I will tell you everything The history of ginger for centuriesIts Chinese origin, its long epic arrival in France and produced by monks, pig shape in the markets after the fall of Philip de France from a horseā€¦ Read it here.

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