The possibilities of topping are endless, with the same base and all kinds of toppings. So when figs are finally in season, I see I can not resist. I offer them savory cake today:

  • Puff dough Than a pastry cake for a little more lightness for the cake, but you can use a pastry cake.
  • Goat cheeseGoat cheese can go here, but fresh goat cheese slices, quite large and not crushed. I mori more tanned, better retains its texture when cooked, thus balancing the sweetness of the figs.
  • I will add Roasted ground onions Because I think it goes well, but you can do without it.
  • I foldA little honey Promotes caramelization before baking.
  • For onionsIt does not add much flavor, but it does enhance the taste nicely.
  • You can add Walnuts or hazelnuts If you like. It can bring contrast to textures and also blends well with taste.

And if you like savory pies, there are quite a few on the blog. Certainly traditional Kish Lauren (With its history, I will tell you specifically why it should not contain cheese), Spinach and Bacon Kish Which made my daughters fall in love with spinach, but also a Kish caramelized onion bacon, Corn zucchini kish, Leeks and onions Kish. As well as lamb pea tartlets with quinoa dough Pepper pie My mother and a rustic button mushroom cake.

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