So this is not a traditional hot pot recipe as there are not one but several recipes. With peculiarities according to the regions of France, but also according to local or family traditions.

So here’s my hot pot recipe, as I always cook: the great influence of the Auvergne hot pot with the sausage that shook my childhood, the Mortos sausage. I sometimes replace Morteau sausages with Montbéliard sausages, so we use French-Comte products, which is why I dare not call my hot pot Auvergne Hot Pot.

The origins of the hotspot and culinary tradition

The word Hotpot comes from the container in which the dish is made. A pot, a vessel, thus giving its name to the contents, the dish. Today a hot dish by extension means a meat dish with vegetables cooked in broth.

Note that we use the expression “stewed” to denote a large number. Probably because hot portions are often prepared for family portions and not for small individual dishes. And before we talk about the pot, because I love to study culinary expressions, in this article we talk about the expression “the best soups are made in old pots.”

Which meat to choose in a hot pot?

I use semi-salted pork shoulder. It is not necessary to clean its salt in water, as you can read in some recipes. The latter advise you to put half-salted meat in cold water and leave it for at least an hour, then discard the soaked water.

You can prepare a semi-saline mixture for the breasts and shoulders.

Start cooking hot or cold?

Both are possible, but I recommend putting the meat in hot water. First remove the meat to bring it to room temperature. Boil large volumes of water, without salt. You can add a bouquet of garnish, peppercorns, coriander or juniper berries … then put the meat in boiling water and reduce the heat slightly.

If you start by cold putting the meat in semi-salted cold water and then heating it, you will need a lot of shifting. Chef Jean-François Trapp recommends discarding this water during such cooking (start cold, drain when the water boils, discard and continue cooking with clean water).

I admit that I follow my butcher’s recommendations and instructions that I learned during my CAP cooking.

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