A perfect classic for summer family tables or picnics, I’re just presenting my proportions of an ultra-quick recipe that has been made and remade dozens of times, each time with a very soft, almost honey dough, as you can see in the photos.

For my recipe, not too much flour to make the cake too heavy, a mixture of olive oil and milk (which you can replace with vegetable milk). I find that dairy products make the cake much lighter and fluffier than the white wine found in many recipes (but you can always substitute it). 3 eggs and a little yeast. I ask my butcher to cut a very thick piece of white ham that I cut into large cubes (which I prefer from the Parisian ham cubes from the supermarket, which seem a little small, but when I have just that, it only works. Also) , Personal taste, but which does not change the result of the recipe). For olives, it is your choice: green olives, black olives or a mixture of both. Today was green olives.

If you like savory cakes, there are three more on the blog: a Zucchini and feta cakeA Tuna cake with candied tomatoes And one Pepper cake Which I pre-fry with olive oil, garlic, onions and Provencal herbs.

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