Excellent classics, but very good! And so simple. Caramelized onions, broth and baked in the oven with bread and cheese.

Here is a traditional recipe that was not missed on the blog. In fact, it’s so requested by English-speaking readers that I first put it in English. English version of this site.

Origin and history of French onion soup

A traditional dish first and foremost, a historical dish worshiped by French kings like Louis VX, a popular dish to warm up the workers of Halle, a dish for the next day at parties, even weddings … Of course, onion soup is unanimity. Absolutely adored by foreigners who find it “so French”, but also for us, it is a soothing dish, a little gourmet, cheap and so easy to prepare. Here is his story.

History goes back a long time

Onion soup, Natalie Helal tells us it is a tradition from Lyon, but the version delivered with toast slices is Parisian.

Onions have been eaten since time immemorial and it is said that onion soup was eaten by the Romans. In Le Viandier: Medieval cuisine from the 14th centuryTaillevent describes a recipe where onions are finely chopped and dipped in butter, then topped with pea puree or water and juice.

A dish worshiped by the kings of France

It is said that Louis XV was very fond of onion soup and one day when he returned from hunting he would find the pantry empty except for a few onions, except for a little butter and champagne. A lover of cooking, he himself would prepare onion soup.

Others claim that it was the Duke of Lorraine Stanislaus Leshczynski and the father of the Queen of France, the wife of Louis XV, who tasted onion soup in a champagne hotel before the king. Alexandre Dumas, his Great kitchen dictionary Explains that Stanislaus Leshczynski would be so good that he wanted to study “Prepare similar”. But “The smell of onions […] With great tears away from him, he observed everything, took note, and did not return to the car until he was convinced that he had mastered the art of making excellent onion soup..

The cult dish of Les Halles, the belly of Paris

Les Halles de Paris was founded in 1135 by King Philip Auguste. The Cemetery of the Innocents, which was very close, despite the dividing wall, gave off a very unpleasant odor to the lives and health of the inhabitants of the district, as far as it was taken in the nineteenth century, the bones were stored in catacombs. Paris.

From a simple open-air market, Les Halles became the belly of Paris, a huge pantry with stalls spanning 25 hectares. They were attracted to people from all walks of life: from food professionals and ending with the need for a few leftovers. Those who were called harlequin merchants were merchants who sold the remnants of bourgeois banquets to the poorest, says historian Philip Balot. The word Arlequin comes from the variety of colors (and many ingredients!) Offered on the plates. The less distressed resorted to a good soothing soup.

Hence, in the stomach of Paris, as it was called Emile Zola, where there was intense activity, a cheap onion soup was spread, which warmed up early in the morning and fed the workers responsible for transporting the goods.

Ideal after parties, drunk soup

Onion soup, an early morning dish, also became a dish for the post-party day or even the end of the evening to wake up. It is probably the ideal remedy for a hangover.

Gratin of Les Halles

And in the soup, which always had slices of bread, a large handful of grated cheese made in O-gratin… and the poor man’s onion soup became gratinée des Halles, without the tasting class. I have not yet found out when au gratin started … Continued.

He then proceeded to the iconic restaurants of Les Halles, with this version of the drug ogratin: La Poule au pot, Chez Baratte, La Tour de Montlhéry, but above all to the restaurant Au pied de poche, which was never removed from his card.

Information about the recipe

There is nothing simpler than this recipe, no wonder why we do not make onion soup more often.

  • First Caramelized onions. Press the onion and fry in butter. The oil also works, but I find it more greasy with butter. Or a butter-oil mixture. Drain the butter, add the chopped onion and salt. Adding salt helps to remove the onion water. Add a little brown sugar, but optional. Peel an onion until golden brown. It is this step that will give the recipe the whole flavor.
  • Squeeze if necessary White wineI never do this, but it is often found in onion soup recipes.
  • Add the broth And continue training. Most often, chicken broth is used, but you can substitute vegetable broth.
  • Finally, an important step Grate the onion soup. Pour the soup and broth into each bowl. Use ovenproof cups. You can use village bread or baguette. I recommend to put it in the toaster first, because it is very cool and soft and absorbs too much broth. Arrange the slices of toast on the soup, then fold in the grated cheese and place under the broiler until the cheese is nicely browned.
  • Serve immediately.
Onion soup au gratin, with delicious broth
Onion soup or gratin, an excellent classic
Onion soup au gratin, a simple and soothing classic

ᲤRangled onion soup

Traditional dish, but very good! And so simple. Caramelized onions, broth and baked in the oven with bread and cheese.

Dish type: entrance

Food: French

ებელიPreparation time: 20 Minutes

Preparation time: 50 Minutes

Gifts: 6



To prevent sleep


First prepare the onion soup

Prepare individual cups

Enjoy your lunch!

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