What is a forest asparagus?

Is its botanical name Ornithogalum pyrenaicum (I read that it’s another botanical name Loncomelos pyrenaicus, dig…), but it is often referred to as asparagus, ornithogale des bois, cob of milk or more commonly asparagus des bois. It is also known as the Pyrenees asparagus, but it is now found everywhere in France. Not to be confused with wild asparagus (Asparagus acutifolius).

The tree asparagus is harvested in shady areas in cool meadows, often in the woods, at the edge of a forest or on the edge of a hedge, from March to May as it blooms. The young ear feeds on a very delicate stem, then the plant turns into a large lush stem with an abundance of white flowers that can grow up to 1 meter.

How to prepare wild asparagus

  • Cut the end of the rodsWe are especially interested in the ear, but I admit that I like the stem too.
  • Very good and gentle, it requires Small kitchen.
  • You can pre-cook very quickly: Be bleached Put in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes in cold water to stop boiling and keep the green color. Or steam 1 minute crispy to leave for 2-3 minutes to soften.
  • On the recipe side ლეMlet As here On the bruschetta, In risotto, Seasonal vegetables or steamed vegetables in a pan Like asparagus (be careful, just add at the end so as not to overcook). Or just inside Mixed salad Or as a beginner With vinaigretteFor example, as one of the ingredients in a plate of raw vegetables.

Some information about the recipe

  • I prefer Pre-cook the asparagus Cooked on steam because I was lucky to have a steam oven and this allowed me to keep them damaged.
  • I am Fun to prepare them As a small fence that moved away from the cherries and garlic, it was more for the photo because I knew I would not have time to do the styling, quickly cooked, quickly shot on my terrace and at the presto table.
  • You can Add different ingredients to your taste : Bacon slices, pieces of cheese such as parmesan or fresh goat cheese slices, add some corn cheese for garnish when serving, add chopped fresh herbs or even borscht when eating. The ideal seasonal combination is wild garlic, but I have not had one.
  • The recipe here is for 4 people, too 2 eggs per person. I add milk for more smoothness.

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