An ultra-classic but refreshing and gourmet raw vegetable salad that should be eaten in moderation. Dill (or onion) as a spice.

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Program on cucumber seeds in the village

At SIA 2022, during the International Agriculture Show, I prepared a delicious live Cucumber appetite Live in the Village Semence shooting range for SEMAE, in the Seed and Seedling Interprofessional. These bites were perfectly presented as I prepared rolls with cucumber strips, sliced ​​cucumber and garnished with cream cheese smoked salmon and diced cucumber. The recipe, of course, can also be found on the blogvideo lessonAnd Repeat the transfer.

If I go back to this show, it was because I was listening to it while I was preparing and listening to the interviews. I learned a lot about cucumber cultivation in France with the leading Philippe Lefebvre and Valerie Goy, a cucumber grower who owns a farm in Garde, near Aig-Morte. He is associated with the cooperative Les Paysans de Rougeline. I have already told you about the Les Paysans de Rougeline and their Zero Pesticide Residue label after my visit to one of their tomato farms. You can read more in this article. If you want, I recommend watching the replay on Seed Village’s shooting range, but essentially, here is some information on cucumber cultivation and consumption.

Growing cucumbers

Cucumber cultivation has a short cycle that allows for several harvests per year, with an average of 2 to 3 rotations per season, lasting from March to the end of October. Production takes place mainly in greenhouses because the plant is very fragile. It is sensitive to weather variability: for example, wind and excessive rain. The plant should not be moved too much, otherwise the cucumber will be highlighted, which will affect the quality and conservation.

Zero pesticide residues: Existing agricultural machinery guarantees the absence of pesticide residues. It is a harmonious work between cucumber plants and insects. A third insect is introduced into the farm. They absorb pests that damage plants. Thus, treatment is avoided. On the other hand, fungi that are used against fungi or diseases that stimulate plant defense mechanisms, once again avoid the use of chemicals.

In France, there is an association of tomato and cucumber growers that promotes cucumber. The sector is currently working on cucumber packaging to avoid the use of plastic tape. This individual packaging still improves shelf life and prevents cross-contamination when in contact with other foods that are not healthy, germ-carrying or treated with fertilizers.

Cucumber consumption

The French consume an average of 2 kilograms of cucumbers per year and one person, or 4 or 5 cucumbers each. With us we are far away! And you ? This consumption is quite growing. Also keep in mind that cucumber is a fruit that is considered a vegetable like a tomato.

Cucumber cultivation follows trends and changes in current consumption habits, with smaller, more digestible and less bitter varieties. Now we often see 100 gram portions of cucumber on stalls. Cucumber is considered to be a healthy food, with a boundless variety of simple and inventive recipes, which combines crispiness and novelty: smoothie, gazpacho with fresh cheese mint …

So you tell me I’m talking about healthy eating and offering you a new cream recipe. You can choose the version with 30% fat cream. Or use a light cream or cottage cheese. What we are looking for is the unscrupulous side of the dairy factory.

Some information about cucumber recipe with cream and herbs

Do we have to grate cucumbers? How and why?

Cucumbers are naturally composed of a lot of water. There are two reasons for expelling it and removing some of the water from the meat: do not let the water come out of the pot and do not soak the sauce, making it more crunchy. Some say it makes him digest more food, I’m not sure. The cucumber grower we met at the MIA explains that it was not necessary to clear the throat because of the new varieties of small cucumbers. Recommend if you get non-ultra fresh and dense cucumbers.

To squeeze the cucumber, press it into thin slices, place in a jar or large salt bowl. The quantity is about 1 tablespoon per cucumber. Mix well and leave for 1 hour. After an hour, rinse well and dry the cucumber slices well with a clean towel or paper towel.

If you do not want to overcook with salt, place the sliced ​​cucumber on paper towels of your desired size and pour well the water without salt.

What ingredient should we use instead of fresh cream?

I use a 30% fat heavy cream, but you can use a light cream. Or replace it with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. Or whole points, or half a cream – half a yogurt. The heavy cream makes the salad dressing creamy and fluffy. I’m under pressure, so does my mother – in – law and my husband loves her recipe!

What spices for creamy cucumbers?

Again, the family recipe obliges, this is dill at home. But you can choose the aromatic herb that you like the most or have available: onion, mint, fresh onion …

To slightly enhance the seasoning, you can add ground shallots, 1 teaspoon mustard, lemon juice or cider vinegar (or balsamic vinegar cream). I sometimes like good olive oil. It’s up to you to have fun with the variations.

Cucumber with cream and dill

Cucumber with cream and dill

An ultra-classic but refreshing and gourmet raw vegetable salad that should be eaten in moderation. Dill (or onion) as a spice.

Dish type: entrance

Food: French

ებელიPreparation time: 15 Minutes

Preparation time: 0 Minutes

Rest (inhibition): 1 Time

Gifts: 4



To prevent sleep


Drain the cucumber

Prepare a cucumber salad


See the pre-recipe description to see the spice options: dill, mustard, lemon, vinegar or olive oil (as shown in the step-by-step photo here).

Enjoy your lunch!

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