Original and ultra gourmet as an aperitif, made from stripes Cucumber Garnished with smoked salmon fromage frais or nicely fried cucumber fried on a pan.

Seed Village at the International Agricultural Show

Seed Village Is a communication, awareness and information system developed by SEMAE, the Seed and Seedling Interprofessional. A wonderful concept that allows you to put a TV on an agricultural show every year thanks to a stand at the SIA. There will be shows on agriculture, nutrition and environmental issues during the agricultural show.

I made this recipe for the Cook Midi show at the Village Semence stand on Friday, March 4, 2022. I have shared this wonderful experience with you. In the previous article of my recipe for cucumber cream and arguing.

You can watch the rerun of all the shows that took place at the SEMS Village shooting range during the SIA 8 days I put a link to them on your YouTube channel. They are exciting. Below is an afternoon cook show during which I prepared this recipe live. You will learn a lot about cucumber and olive oil.

Slight emphasis on cucumber

Cucumber is very low in calories, 14 kcal per 100 grams. Choose dense cucumbers with smooth skin. The smaller it is, the fewer seeds it will have. You can store it in a vegetable tray for 7 days.

It is mostly eaten raw, in salads or as an aperitif, but did you know that cucumbers cook perfectly? Soup or fried as here. I will offer you this recipe with raw and cooked cucumbers to show you that you can cook cucumbers perfectly ..

For a little history, we meet the first official mention of cucumber in France in the 9th century, when Charles the Great planted it in his dominions. It seems that Louis XIV loved him, and it was in order to be able to offer his primer to the king that the chief gardener of La Quinta, Versailles, developed a greenhouse. Today 95% of cucumbers are produced in greenhouses. It is produced all year round, but the high season in France is from March to October.

I wanted to process cucumbers here in two ways. On the one hand, make raw cucumber rolls, which we decorate. This creates pretty decorated snails that look great as an aperitif. And instead of offering a garnish with fresh cheese and herbs, I recommend adding a little contrast to the texture and taste with the small cubes of cucumber fried on the pan.

There are two other ways to eat rolls the size of this bite: either on a slice of cucumber or as a side dish to a cucumber such as toast or canape.

Basic elements of the recipe

Slightly lemon fresh cheese filling

You can use fresh cheese of your choice: ST Moret, Philadelphia, Caprice des anges, personal labels… or even fresh goat cheese. Then the filling will have more character. Maybe also dense Greek or blue yogurt.

Add lemon zest and a little lemon juice.

Cucumber strips cut with a peeler or mandolin

For this recipe, choose the right cucumber, cut off the ends and peel it. Make thin strips along the entire length with a peeler or mandolin. If you do this a little in advance, it is ideal to arrange the cucumber strips on absorbent paper so that the water is absorbed by the cucumber vegetation.

Fried cucumber slices

Yes, read correctly, I decorate my lukma with fried cucumbers on a pan. This is for two reasons. The first is a little texture and crunch on the smoked salmon cream. Fresh cucumber does the job very well and to prepare this recipe quickly before appetite, it works perfectly. But cucumbers can produce a lot of moisture and risk leaking out of your contents, which will become very liquid. Your bites may not last well.

Also, we often eat raw cucumber, but have you ever tried to prepare it? Ideal in soup for example instead of zucchini for example. Or fried in a little olive oil and spices. You have an example of this recipe for cucumber dressing. So you can add spices to the oil, heat it slightly and boil the oil. When cucumber slices are roasted on a pan, it gives them a perfect taste and retains a pleasant texture.

I used protein seeds and 5 berries and a lot of garlic here, I admit, but you can replace it with spices and herbs of your choice. Do not add salt as the taste with smoked salmon will be quite salty.

As soon as it is cooked on the pan, leave it to cool on absorbent paper to remove excess fat and possibly remove the peppercorns.

Smoked trout or smoked salmon for flavor

Personally I have a soft spot of smoked trout that I find a little less greasy than smoked salmon, but it’s all a matter of personal taste, or just what you have or will find. You only need one piece here. And because trout or salmon are mixed with fresh cheese and cucumber, eventually you will not really notice the difference.

Recipe in the video

This is a partnership post funded by Interprofessional SEMAE.

Cucumber bites with smoked salmon and porridge

Smoked salmon cucumber bites

An original and ultra gourmet as an aperitif made with cucumber strips, garnished with fresh smoked salmon cheese or a beautifully wrapped cucumber fried on a pan.

Dish type: ერიPeritive

Food: French

ებელიPreparation time: 20 Minutes

Preparation time: 10 Minutes

Gifts: 12 Bites



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Enjoy your lunch!

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