The Origins and History of the Franche-Comté Gallet

galette comtoise also called galette bisontine. Here is a A traditional recipe for French-Conte cuisine. Cooked in the Jurassic Mountains since the 14th century, it originates from Besançon. The story dates back to the 11th century, when Besançon’s own laws began to hide silver coins in bread to appoint their leader. Then the bread was replaced with brioche, then with a kind of caramelized bread dough. Finally, with the current galette comtoise, choux pastry flavored with orange blossom and spreading to local custom, this cake has replaced the galette des rois on Epiphany.

A great lover of the history of gastronomy to know the origins of our traditional dishes and festivals, I found this in my various questions, but not yet why it is a shock dough and why it is flavored with orange blossom. I am continuing my research so this article will hopefully be updated soon.

For information if like me you did not know exactly what it is Canon, The website of the French Catholic Church describes it as “a college of clergy called a law attached to a cathedral or a collegiate church. This institute dates back to the beginning of the IX century. Since Vatican II, its role has been essentially limited to the liturgical realm.

If you want to learn more about the Epiphany and the traditions: eating galette or brioche and expelling beans, In this article I will explain everything in detail. I rely on others Festivals related to French gastronomy (Candles, Easter…).

galette comtoise is a good alternative for those who do not like French or who want to replace the traditional galettes des rois and brioches des rois.

More info on Comtoise galette

Therefore, the true recipe of Franche-Comté is the show’s confectionery, but as with many regional recipes, there are many variations, so you can find Byzantine galette, gumo galette, chemo pie, papette, tutche or tuche… which are options. With brioche or puff pastry, pastry cream, added thick cream … but I’m talking about it, which is made from plain dough.

So the recipe is very simple and very cheap as you only need eggs, sugar, flour, milk and a little butter. I have voluntarily chosen not to be too sweet, you can add 20 or 40 g of sugar. Asked if we could make this recipe without butter, I admit I am not a vegan baking expert, but if you have a vegetable dough recipe, try using it to test it.

That’s why you should Make the dough dough (I will talk about this in more detail here). The principle is to heat a mixture of milk and water with butter, add flour at once, mix well to get a homogeneous paste that does not stick to the sides of the pan. It should be well dried for the cake to dry well. Too wet will remain soft and flat. Do not rely too much on my photos, the only thing I have now (Comtusa Galette cooked for lunch, working from home one day, a professional call when I was about to take it out of the oven … and galette la galette spent 20 minutes in the oven. Well spoiled and golden, Compressed and sunburned. Sorry!).

In short, turn off the heat, add the eggs one by one and mix well (you can do this with a pastry robot) and the orange blossom flavor. I threw in two tablespoons, but if you want a very pungent scent, you can add a third.
Then lay a large pancake about 20 cm in diameter on a plate or mold covered with parchment paper. Do not forget the beans on the Epiphany. Finally, beat the egg yolks diluted with a little milk or water and make small strips on top with a fork. For cooking, 30 minutes at 180 ° C (not 45 minutes hey !!).

As soon as you taste it, you will see that this French-Comte Galette is a delicious and addictive remedy. This is a traditional confectionery that is made all year round.

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