This mushroom soup is one of the recipes I make many times, except throughout the summer. As soon as the first mushrooms appeared in the market booths in early September, I could not resist.

What toppings for your soup?

Only here A little cream. I first mix the cream with a mixture of mushrooms (or milk), then when serving it, I offer it to those who want to add it. Not too light, you tell me when I talk about light soup. A little is enough and this recipe does not contain starch. Not potatoes, but just mushrooms and a bit of shallots or onions.

You can imagine other accompaniments like

  • Bread croutons (or gingerbread As in this pumpkin soup)
  • Thin slices of smoked bacon Quickly fry on a pan without fat or slices of bacon
  • A little cheese : Comte or parmesan pieces, or crushed goat cheese
  • Or this filling that I imagined when I first published this recipe (note my first attempts at food photography!) Duck breast slices with processed chips and roasted pine nuts.

If you want here are the instructionsDuck breast buttoned mushroom velouté
Ingredients: 30 g pine nuts, 20 slices of smoked duck breast, 1 tbsp olive oil
– Before the soup is made, preheat the oven to 250 ° C. Remove the fat from the smoked duck breast. Arrange the pieces on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for a maximum of 5 minutes, until crispy. If you want the duck breast chips to remain flat, place them between two plates. The fact that duck breasts sometimes curl under the grill does not bother me as it gives a little volume when dressed.
– Heat a tablespoon of olive oil on a high heat on the pan. When very hot, add the pine nuts and stir constantly until all sides are browned.
– When the toppings are ready, transfer them to a plate covered with absorbent paper (and wipe slightly if necessary) to get rid of excess fat.

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