This year, during the Advent season, Berlin cuisine cookies are available not only as a home baking recipe, but also for all Berliners to try in real life. The cookie box contains eight unusual varieties, each with four delicious cookies – enough for a large colored plate. And most importantly, they can even bring it to your front door if they wish.

For anyone who wants a colorful plate but has no baking time and inclination. For anyone still looking for a gift idea. And for everyone who cares about unusual types of cookies.


– Polenta cakes with orange, pepper and lemon raspberry glaze
– Gingerbread filled with pasta fruit cream
– Filled coffee cookies with white chocolate tonka ganache
– Pecan walnut balls with nutmeg and black pepper
– Fennel cake with milk chocolate and frozen blueberries
– Hazelnut liner with homemade apple and cinnamon jelly
– Lemon cilantro cakes with ubi coconut pasta topping
– Dark chocolate salads with blueberries and cinnamon sugar

You can find individual portraits of each variety Instagram. In emphasizing the story “CookiesAlso summarizes the most important information.

To order

By email or direct message on Instagram with the following information:
– Number of boxes
– Receipt or delivery
– If necessary, name / address / telephone number upon delivery
– Cash or PayPal

Collection and delivery

The collection can take place on 18 and 19 December, from 4 pm to 7 pm in 14059 Charlottenburg. Between the beautiful Lietzensee and an even more beautiful castle-park, which is worth the trip!

Delivery is possible only at the Ringbahn and will take place on December 20 and 21. I can announce the estimated delivery time only after ordering is complete. Boxes can be delivered to neighbors, mailbox or front door if desired – in this case please pay in advance with PayPal.

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