This fluffy dough is ideal for an Easter family meal, as well as for beginners all year round or to sit proudly at your buffet table.

I will give you a recipe here from my butcher on the advice of a monk who, of course, prepares it every year for his customers on Easter.

  • Meat choice: Traditionally a mixture of pork and veal (according to the recipe 2/3 – 1/3 or half – half). Some do not put veal and often you will only see sausage. I kept the pork and veal mixture that he recommends.
  • A little flour helps to pack the stuffing without aggravation, and during cold delivery this paste holds together well.
  • Cognac that you can replace with Armagnac
  • Layered confectionery for a well-inflated and less dense finish, but some berries make Easter pie with short dough.
  • Be generous in spices: salt, lots of pepper and grated nutmeg.

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