This recipe was first made in a hurry, then reworked to get the right proportions of the ingredients before you offer it. Why am I in a hurry? Because that’s where this recipe comes from, the gastronomic critic, which is why François-Reggie Goddard recently shared a soft apricot cake, an ideal recipe for the holidays or for pastry chefs who are in a hurry after he offered to set up. All ingredients together, mix thoroughly until apricot halves are added. That’s all. Quickly prepared, quickly cooked, quickly tasted. And this dessert is very reminiscent of the apricot upside-down cake that my mother used to cook as a child. The recipe I have to ask him.

So here is some information about the recipe

  • A quick recipe Where we put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix thoroughly. No matter the dough will not be completely homogeneous. We do not try to whiten eggs with sugar so often in cakes, we do not get sifted flour or perfectly smooth dough.
  • For fruit : I offer a mixture of apricots and peaches, but you can change it. Peach or nectarine, white or yellow. Apricots and peaches or just one of two კი even plums.
  • Sugar : Now I use almost only brown sugar, but you can replace it with white sugar. If your fruit is too sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar.
  • Flour : Here is a semi-complete T80 flour that I prefer, but I tried this recipe with white flour (T45 or T55) and it works very well.
  • Butter at room temperature Important because here we mix all the ingredients roughly. If you use cold butter, you will need a food processor.

Ultra soft, but also quite rich, I admit that I put less and less butter in cakes, for example in favor of olive oil. Currant and black currant yogurt cake. But hell is good. Here I made a folder with all my summer fruit recipes.

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